Attract new clients to your Food / Drink Business using Social Media & Smart Digital Strategies

I know how important it is to hit your sales targets. Social Media Advertising & Combined Digital Strategies such as Bot Marketing are steadily becoming the preferred option to attract clients into the sales funnel.  As a qualified Social Media Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist I'll partner with you to create a powerful combination of smart thinking and creative digital planning.

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About Me

Hello! I'm Sally-Jay a self professed digital geek and Social Media Strategist. I spent almost 30 years working in food retail as a senior buyer, strategic planner and marketing manager, before, deciding to step out for myself.

Working in the food industry has  given me the understanding of what you need to do to get noticed. I've supported new brands and worked with the big boys. I've seen the rise and fall. I know what it takes for you to be a success.

Do I know the best way to get you noticed? You betcha! I've worked with digital teams across retail. I've briefed in campaigns and approved their plans.

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You have an amazing product. You have the determination and the focus. 

Hire me as your social media marketing manager and I'll grow your business.

Call me to arrange our first meeting. I look forward to chatting with you!

Social Media, Branding, SEO, Facebook & Instagram, Pinterest Trainings & More!

I know how tricky marketing is when you're starting out. That's why I created the Hub.


The Sally Social Digital Marketing Hub

For Food / Drink Brands

When you don't have the funds to hire an agency to grow your audience, you might think, oh well, I'll do it myself. The truth is you could, but it will drain your energy and suck you away from building your business. You might already be experiencing this.

The Sally Social Marketing Hub will give you the social media marketing strategies and tactics that agencies use. Our easy to follow trainings will teach you how to grow your brand quickly and creatively using social media, email marketing and coaching.

Let's put the fun back into Social Media & Marketing!

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