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Be prepared for increased revenue and profit!

Funnels That Convert.

Among thousands of e-commerce brands, the main PROBLEM always seems to be the same: how to grab people’s attention AND turn them into buyers.

People spend less than 1.5 seconds looking at an ad. Therefore it’s impossible to grab attention if you don’t have a powerful creative AND hook. It’s equally difficult to convert them if you don’t have a clear targeting strategy and strong landing page.

So for most e-commerce businesses, you end up throwing jelly at the wall hoping something sticks or wasting thousands on ads that don’t convert because you’re not sure what’s working and what’s not.

At Sally Social Digital, we are turning businesses around. We know what to look for and what to do.

Therefore, we have a growing list of satisfied clients who could only dream of revenues they’re experiencing today, only a year ago.

We take digital marketing seriously AND off your plate, so you can focus on the good stuff like developing new products, whilst rapidly scaling.

We’ll design and implement high converting sales funnels using the best ad platforms suited to your business.

We know how busy you are. We also know that you want someone you can trust, who knows what they’re doing.

That’s us. We’ll create and launch the digital marketing strategy that finds you the best converting customers.

Your brand will become, not only visible but irresistible

SS Digital You Tube Ads
sally social advertising

EXPLODE your sales when you get in front of high intent buyers.

Your buyers are searching for solutions every day on Social, Google & YouTube.

Our Ad Specialists make sure your brand gets in front of the right consumers at the most optimum times.

Get ready to EXPLODE your revenue growth!

Imagine – your brand ad appears in Joe Wick’s “The Body Coaches” YouTube video – traffic explosion!

Imagine – people sharing and commenting on your ads across Facebook and Instagram, saying what a great shopping experience they just had! That’s social proof right there and we know how to get it.

Imagine –  your brand appearing at the top of Google Search results! – sales explosion.

Our team are getting clients 3-6 x ROAS with these type of ads.

Clients Who Trust Us.

sally social clients
sally social clients
clients that trust us


We use data-driven creatives to optimise all customer touchpoints throughout the sales funnel

Sales Funnel Build

We design funnel strategies that align with your objectives & audience.

Is your website underperforming? We audit the funnel to identify the bottlenecks & spot opportunities.

Media buying

Get ready to reach new audiences to infinitely scale your business.

Our multi-channel teams audit your campaigns, build-out & rigorously test all elements, then scale the winners.  We also take care of the copy and creatives.

Email Marketing

Experience tells us there’s 20% sales growth locked in your email list. We help you unlock it.

Our work goes beyond acquisition to create multi-channel strategies to deliver a constant pipeline of sales.

Facebook Ads

We’ll audit existing ads, set up your ad funnel and campaigns, interrogate data & optimize to increase revenue and leads.

Google & YouTube Ad Management

Human-centric day to day Google Ads management with a sophisticated helping of high-level automation. 

Funnel Management

We launch funnels that convert. Success is driven out of a customer-centric strategy with great copy.


Social Content

No more stress about social content. We take care of it along with community management so you don’t have to.

Email Marketing

You can grow sales by up to 30% just from your email list. We will develop & implement strategic workflows to maximise this potential.

Creative Process.


The Audit

It begins with knowing your customer, auditing your digital eco-system & competitor landscape. We take time to understand your brand from the inside out.


Launch & Test

We develop & launch the best strategy, test audiences, creatives & hooks.  We simulate all parts of the customer journey through the sales funnel & communication channels.


Review & Refine

We review your campaigns daily – across all channels. Winning audiences & creatives are scaled and modelled, whilst optimising each stage of the funnel, to exploit all opportunities. 

The numbers.

We love numbers and consistently monitor traffic, budgets, ROAS, and ad performance to make sure we’re optimizing your ad spend every single minute.

Setting and smashing through targets keeps us focussed on growing your business.

These targets are the engine growth of your business and our team eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Target ROAS – 5
  • Return Customer Target – 80%
  • Conversion Target – 5%


Satisfied Clients


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Recent Case Studies.

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Creative Team.


Jay Norbury – Digital Marketing Strategist

Stephanie Leigh – Head Of Email Marketing

Jessica Alexander –  Google Ads Specialist

Dipesh Sakota – Head Of Facebook Media Buying

Let’s Grow Your Brand.