Hi guys, this is a really important post so I’m asking you to spend 5 minutes reading it and most of all commenting on because it will also affect you! If there’s one Facebook Tip to take notice of right now, it’s this one.

Facebook are making some very BIG changes that will affect ALL our news feeds, – personal, business pages and groups. They are scaling back what posts are shown DRAMATICALLY and the reason they’ve given is that the news feed is too busy and crowded for it to continue at its current rate.

They’ve received feedback from the public that personal news feeds need more space. In a nutshell what you post will very often not be shown! Shock horror.

I follow a very well known social media authority (it’s also my job as a business coach) and I’m a member of a few communities talking about this.

I’ve just seen an interview from Facebook’s Head of News Feed (Adam Mosseri) outlined the coming changes. I’m going to post these further below this post for you to read in full to fully understand the consequences for you and your business.

Adam said that Facebook will now be concentrating on delivering a cleaner personal newsfeed. The only videos shown will be small clips.

They will give preference to live video and posts that are rich with comments and conversation – not likes! So please when you see a post in your own feed, or your business pages and other groups, please leave a comment and engage in conversation with each other!

My friends at Social Media Examiner have summarised the key points of what’s going to change and a list of things that we as online business owners can do now to minimise the impact of the changes:

#1: There will be less publicised content displayed(videos and posts from publishers or businesses).#2: Your audience reach, video watch time, and referral traffic from Pages will decrease.#3: Everybody’s posts will be ranked differently, giving priority to “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people,” according to Facebook.Here are six things you can do now to improve your chances with Facebook: Suggestion #1: Post less frequently (I know that’s gonna be hard, but it’s necessary).Suggestion #2: Create content that stimulates conversation–meaning comments between fans.Suggestion #3: Jump into live video, now! Why? It leads to 6x the interactions according to Facebook.Suggestion #4: Don’t ask for comments in your posts. Engagement bait will be demoted in the News Feed.Suggestion #5: Master Facebook ads. This will be the only sure-fire way to drive people to your site.Suggestion #6: Learn Messenger Chatbots. Bots will allow you to nurture leads and sell.This will likely require a shift in your Facebook marketing strategy. And you’ll probably have to learn some new tools to carry it out (like bots, ads, or live video).

Thanks for your time lovely peeps! x Please send me your comments!