Understanding how to best leverage Social Media Marketing  is a tricky business. I know, because clients tell me and that’s why I know teach it.

So it’s my mission to break down its complexities for as many business owners, as I can, especially us non millennials!

Throughout this blog, I aim to explain each platform, offer tips and make recommendations about which platforms are best suited for your type of business. 

It’s impossible to master each one.  I’ll help you to choose the platform that best serves your business.

This week let’s look at Pinterest.

Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?

Answering the following 2 questions will help you decide which platform to be on

  1. which ones are most of your audience on?
  2. what are your primary business objectives for the next 12 months?

Answer these questions, read this post, then decide if Pinterest is a place where you need to have a strong and active presence.

Hello, this is Sally Social and I’m a social media and digital marketing strategist. My goal is to help business owners understand the digital landscape and create combined digital marketing strateg​​​​ies to increase brand awareness and grow sales.

The Digital Landscape

Search Engines

You probably recognise Google, Bing and Yahoo as search engines. Pinterest is also now widely recognised as one, as is You Tube.

The popularity of the latter two have risen in popularity over the last few years, as people search for answers to questions, how to solutions and now, even product reviews and products. On Pinterest, people are going there to actively seek out content.

So as a business owner, can you afford not to be present on them?

Let’s look at some interesting facts about the platform to help you reach the right decision.

Pinterest Facts

  1. The life of a Pinterest Pin is 16,000 longer than a Facebook post
  2. 81% of Pinterest users are female.
  3. 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
  4. Over 5% of all referral traffic comes from Pinterest, a fact that is likely to grow as more users get on board and more businesses use Pinterest within their marketing strategy.

Pinterest is responsible for 41% of all e-commerce which is amazing to consider and it’s better than Facebook.People go to Pinterest to search for product ideas then go and purchase them – in other words, they search for you and your product rather than you doing the search!And with the new Buyable Pins (see point 1) feature launched in 2019, people can purchase your products from within the platform itself.  This makes shopping and conversions easy.

1. Social Shopping 

Social shopping is about to explode across social media. This is where your social content doesn’t just advertise your products or services, it sells them!We all know that the social media giants want you to spend more time on their platforms to help grow their advertising revenues. And Pinterest is no different.What better way to keep people on social than creating a simple shopping experience, allowing customers to locate what they want and then checkout without leaving the platform.Pinterest is already trailing this through Buyable PinsThe average order value on Facebook is $80, Pinterest is twice that much. Average order value (AOV) is the average dollar / pound spent when a customer places an order on a website or in-store. Calculate it by dividing total revenue by the number of orders during a given period.As Facebook Ad space becomes more competitive and expensive, Pinterest offers a viable option. Even if you’re not eligible for the trial (the service is currently available to limited countries and brands), Pinterest users are in buying mode and therefore offers a great sales opportunity for all business owners.

2. It’s Personal

It’s a personal platform. A person will signal they’re interested, by pinning the product or service. This is good news for SME’s.

All you need to do is tell users how you can solve their problems and they’ll find you through the search function. With Google becoming more difficult to get ranked for, this effectively means that Pinterest offers a one of the quickest ways of getting in front of potential customers.

  1. Pinterest receives more than 2 billion searches every month.
  2. 80% of Pinterests traffic is mobile. People can access it almost anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.
  3. Over 70% of people go on Pinterest to be inspired to buy – they are buyers – compared to Facebook 17%.
  4. 81% of Pinterest users are female.

3. Females on Pinterest will help BOOST Sales

Amongst the facts listed above, did you notice that 81% of users who make a purchase are female

When you’re defining your sales strategy, consider targeting females shopping for their partners, on Pinterest.

In recent years ,some stay at home “creative” mums have experienced huge passive income successes through using Pinterest to advertise their digital products to women. These include ebooks, attractive printable’s and now online courses from baking to sewing. It’s a becoming a powerful advertising channel for female creatives and I firmly believe this trend will continue into other product categories.

4. Increase Your Visibility

As we know, the internet is  busy. Social, business, economic and political activities all battling for our attention, so to really stand out, we must create innovative strategies to build a strong brand presence.

When someone Pins your Pin, its seen by the Pinner’s followers! This means you don’t have to invest too much time to get noticed. You can go viral quite quickly.

5. You Don’t Need Millions of Followers

Contrary to belief you really don’t need millions of followers to be a Pinterest success. This is because the Pinner shares Pins to their followers. Furthermore, Pinterest, as I’ve already stated, is a search engine. Potential clients are able to click though to your website from your published Pin. They may not always Pin it, particularly if they’re in hurry.

6. Evergreen Content


So which type of businesses will benefit from being active on Pinterest? 

In my view, all can be. It’s not exclusive to product based businesses. Life coaches, service based businesses, even accountants and legal services can benefit.

If you serve females of any age group, I’d strongly recommend Pinterest as a strategy to focus on to build your web traffic. If you’re a product based business serving women, then definitely look at Pinterest. 

Having said all that, if you want to get ahead of your competition and struggle to get found on the traditional search engines, get started on Pinterest. Even if your business is targeting men and service based. You’ll be a Pinterest pioneer.

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