A question I often get asked is should I be using Facebook post boosts or Facebook ads? In fact, I asked myself this question when I first started to advertise my businesses.

It’s an easy question to answer!

The good news is, it’s not a complicated answer! It depends on your personal and business priorities and goals. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Facebook Boost Post

The Facebook boost post is a quick and simple ad to extend your post out to a wider audience other than your current fan base or followers, which might be as much as 1%! We know this as the Facebook algorithms control who sees what and their ultimate objective is to get you to spend more with them.

You set a budget; how much you’d like to spend and Facebook will send it out to an extended audiences’ newsfeed.

Whom your post gets sent to, rests with Facebook. Remember Facebook have the control here, so you might be missing your target market which is why targeted Facebook ads are often preferred by most advertisers.

That said, if you are looking for increased likes and comments, or you lack the time to tailor an advert, they can work.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are targeted campaign that you create based on your campaign goals and objectives.

You control your budget, who sees the ad, the timescale and the duration.

The biggest benefit of creating ads is that you can structure them to drive a specific audience behaviour such as likes, website visits, engagement and sharing.

You are also able to include within your ad a specific Call to Action (CTA) button such as Shop Now, Find Out More, Watch Video and so on. These can then lead onto further more powerful tactics to for example, collect email addresses, enabling you to then start building your awareness and relationships.


Source: https://adparlor.com


What’s the Answer?

So to answer the question, which option to use; Post Boost or Facebook ads, really depends on your overall objective.

In my opinion, I recommend always going with Targeted Facebook Ads. I’ve not had favourable results with Post Boosts.

However, if you’re completely new to Facebook and the Ad Manager worries you a little (although it is pretty intuitive), give a boost a go and see what happens!

What’s your experience with Facebook Ads v Boost Posts?