Hello! If you’re looking for ways to increase your sales on Etsy, look no further my lovely!

I’ve got you the complete list here! Everything is actionable immediately so you can start increasing your turnover today! Grab a lovely cup of coffee, grab and notebook and get ready for some real business advice!

1. Create A Strong Brand Identity

Successful businesses have a strong brand identity. You don’t have long to make an impact when people visit your store, we’re talking seconds, so you have to hit them in the face, metaphorically speaking  POW!

If you can achieve this, you’ll stand a much better chance of them hanging around, having a browse and hopefully making a purchase.

So what do I mean by strong brand identity? Here are some practical tips to get you on the right track and positively engaging with your audience. 

Images are consistent –  across your Etsy store, all your product images must be consistent in style, propping, filters, colour and size. I am amazed how many sellers don’t get this right.

Your brand personality fits with your target audience and clients – Does your brand have a feminine style? If so are your images reflecting a feminine style? Is it natural? Are the props you use, earthy and natural? Is your style, retro? Are your filters retro? Do you see?

Consistency across Social Media, Blogging Platforms and Advertisements – if you have a presence elsewhere across the internet, you must be consistent with your images, colours, fonts, styling. A cohesive presence will help you to create a strong online brand presence.

2. Take Awesome Photography

You don’t need anything more technical than a decent smart phone to take amazing product photography for your shop, but you will need to adopt these practical tips too:-

  • use natural light, mid morning and late afternoon, whichever you choose, be consistent
  • try using a white table or a melamine base to mount your products onto
  • use relavanc props to bring your products to life and reflect the personality of your brand
  • use props within the same colour scheme
  • use take at least 100 photos an you will usually find 2-3% are good to use
  • use bokeh in lifestyle shots to add extra depth and visual dimension
  • use macro settings to capture the detail
  • take shots from different angles and use at least 2 for each product
  • experiment with different photo styles – near, far, above, portrait but be consistent across your product range, indoor v outdoor
  • ensure products are shot within their natural environment

3. Use Inspiring Product Descriptions

Ensure that your product titles and descriptions are spiffy and spit and polished. They should they include provenance and your inspiration for making / sourcing it.

4.  Write An Inspirational Bio

Write for your audience. Tell them what you they want to hear. Tell them a story., after all everyone loves a good story don’t they?

A story is much more engaging than a factual bio.

Be creative with your sentences, so instead of saying “I started making gloves from Alpaca Wool…..”, add your own sparkle to it with inspirational and descriptive words, such as “I explored my curiosity with a new wool that a friend told me about…….”. Do you see what I mean? leave the reader wanting more!

Tell them about what inspired you to make the thing you create. Tell them why you want to create and make for them. What will it give your client if they buy from you?

  • Be authentic. Talk using your own voice and tell your visitors your story.
  • Keep it punchy and resist the urge to list your resume.
  • Avoid using humour. 
  • Make sure the bio is across all platforms and your blog and is consistent

5.  Create your own Facebook Group

Create your own Facebook group and advertise it on your site. This will get visitors to you so you can start a dialogue with them.

start your own facebook group

  • build relationships with your audience
  • establish their buying needs and aspirations
  • you can share your news
  • establishes your authority

6.  Start a Blog

This is one thing that many of my Etsy clients struggle with! Why get blog? Etsy has everything I need?

You can do so much more with your own blog. Etsy is a great platform to test and begin your store but as you grow, you’re financially better off running your shop from your own premises. And what’s great is you can take your clients with you!

  • create a blog with Squarespace or WordPress.org (my recommendation)
  • a blog is your office, where you take the PR team to learn more about you
  • your blog can showcase behind the scenes videos of you working which gets high exposure in search engines
  • advertise it on your shop and provide your visitors with an opportunity to find out about the person behind the brand
  • use it showcase your other events and activities such as community work
  • use it to show your authority within your niche and assert yourself as an expert
  • use it to collect email addresses and nurture potential new clients
  • use your blog to up sell and cross sell
  • Heartinclude behind the scenes stories and photos of you at work
  • Heartwrite attention grabbing headings (see my post Increase Your Traffic with a SEO Strategy)
  • Heartpost regularly to improve your rankings on search engines

7.  Sign Up With a Mail Provider

Sign up for a free mail account with Mailer Lite or Mail Chimp.

mailing image

  • start to build your email list and use it to inform your clients and potential clients about your product launches
  • use to offer previews and early bird discounts
  • start collecting email addresses from your Etsy shop

8.  Create How To Video Tutorials & Sell Them

Earn money while you sleep by creating video tutorials of how to make your handmade items.

9.  Sell Digital Formats Of Your Work

Instead of or as well as, making the products and selling the physical one, can you also sell / just sell your patterns and digital instructions that are downloadable. These will be quicker to make!

10.  Create a business Facebook page

  • add the link on your shop page
  • tell your tribe your news about your launches
  • run competitions to drive engagement
  • add links to your blog  

11.  Create videos to showcase you and your work

Video is where it’s at to increase your online visibility and generate interest. We cannot consume enough of it! 

  • embed them onto your shop site, facebook pages, instagram stories, You Tube
  • Create regular mini vlogs to improve your search engine results

blogger style

12. Set up Facebook Pixels

This is a must if you wish to advertise on Facebook. By inserting the pixel code into your blog, you will allow Facebook to track visitor behaviour. This means you can re-market to a “warm” audience and stand a greater chance of converting the sale. Happy days! 

To install your pixel, follow these easy instructions.

13. Establish which social platforms your ideal clients hang out

Don’t feel you need to be across every social platform to promote your business. Using tools like Buzzfeed, you can search where people are chatting about the things you make and your industry.

If you have a contact or email list, ask your clients and leads which social media platform they use the most. 

Don’t make the mistake many people do and only use the platform you’re on, or comfortable with.

  • Pick one social platform and do it well until you’re established 
  • Engage in conversation with your audience
  • Ask your email list which platform they use and hang out there.
  • Use an automation tool and social media dashboard like Hootesuite to schedule, automate and publish your posts.

14. Pin all your Blog Posts to Pinterest

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the largest search engines. 

  • Ensure all your blog posts are pinned to your boards multiple times using different pin images.
  • Use Tailwind to schedule your Pins
  • Pin regularly to make your Pinterest strategy work
  • Engage in groups and use Tribes to expand your reach – it’s has worked wonders for me!

15. Adopt all Major Payment Options

The options you give for people to pay, the wider the client net that you’re casting.

16. Go the Extra Mile with Your Packaging

Delight your customers by delivering your product with love, care and attnetion.

  • Style packaging in line with your values e.g. natural products need natural / organic packaging
  • Add a personal thank you note within the package
  • Include a money off next purchase within the package
  • Include a special discounts for introducing a friend
  • Ensure the item is securely packaged but looks gorgeous
  • Aim for the perfect packaging review everytime

packaging image

17. Create your Client Avatar

Attract the clients you love by creating a very clearly defined Client Avatar. The following tips might seem odd but if you can identify the niche you want to work with, and do everything you can to serve that niche well, they will love you. E.g you make bamboo toddler wear and you serve mums who are attracted to sustainable and ethical sourcing.

  • Decide who you want to serve
  • Do everything you can to make them fall in love with you
  • Hang out with them and make friends

18. Consider Shipping Internationally

Increase your sales by shipping further a field.

  • It will extend your reach
  • You will increase your popularity
  • You will extend your brand to become international!
  • Negotiate special parcel rates with international couriers

19. Tell your Customers about your Return Policies

Believe it or not, some people will not take the risk buying from you if they’re not satisfised with your return policies.

  • Highlight that your return policy exists in your main copy
  • Make your returns clear.

20. Encourage Feedback

Positive feedback from your clients displayed in your shop will help sell your products. Getting the feedback is the challenge,

  • Encourage clients to leave feedback by offering them a discount on their next purchase if they do
  • Place a reminder in their package to leave you feedback

There you have it! Lots of ideas to help you increase your Etsy sales! What ideas have you tried? Have they worked? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Feel free to share this!