Have you ever wondered why or how products that you’ve recently been viewing on a website suddenly appear in your Facebook newsfeed? It’s not magic (sadly!) its Facebook re-marketing at work, a very powerful method to increase your brand awareness and convert sales. The good news is it’s free!

In this post, I explain why every business owner should be doing this and how you can activate it on your Facebook account and website to bring you more sales success.

What Is A Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code that you can put on your website. The pixel fires to track site visitors. So in other words when someone visits your site, your pixel will fire.

You can also set up events so when someone takes action on your page such as downloads free content or purchases something, the pixel will record the event.

The Benefit?

This data allows you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future, as well as see what they’re doing on your site when they return.

This is extremely beneficial because it means you are not marketing to a cold audience. Instead you’re marketing to a warm audience (they already know of you) which makes your offers more likely to convert and for your advertising costs to be lower.

Reach More People With Targeted Ads

When your pixel has been firing for some time and recorded around 1000 visits you can tell Facebook to use this data to create Custom Audiences. That means Facebook can send your ads to people similar to those who’ve already visited you.

Setting Up The Facebook Pixel

If you are worried that this bit sounds very technical it’s not so bad. You don’t need to know code, or be a tech geek to install the pixel onto your website. You just need to access your website’s dashboard. Oh, and you won’t break anything or crash your site very easily unless you do something I don’t tell you to do!

Follow my instructions below or watch the short video.

Instructions For Setting Up The Facebook Pixel

  1. Log into your ad account.
  2. Click on Pixels.
  3. Click ad new pixel. Note: Only create one facebook pixel per ads account.
  4. .Select Website.
  5. No need to create an event afterwards – it’s their default setting (although if you want to learn about that now, I’ve included it in the video above).
  6. To install the pixel, click option Manually Install The Pixel Code Yourself (see image 1, below).
  7. Scroll down to section 2. Copy the entire pixel code (see image 2) then go to the next step.
  8. Head over to your website and look for the header script in your settings (you can do this in all websites). If you cannot find it and you are on WordPress, upload a plugin called Header and Footer Scripts Inserter and install the pixel code there. If you are using a builder site such as Wix or Weebly, then run a google search asking “where do I insert header scripts on [insert platform name i.e. Weebly] and follow the instructions.
  9. Paste in the code. Save your changes.
  10. Next, let’s test it to see if it’s working. To do this install the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension onto your browser (it’s perfectly safe!).
  11. Once it’s installed on your browser it will look like the image below (see image 3). Navigate to any page on your website and refresh the pages. Then click on the pixel helper. If it’s set up correctly, it should light up blue with a green 1 and read a message like “Page View”. If you don’t see that, delete the pixel and reinstall. Check that you are copying and pasting the code into the Header Script of your website. Sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to fire up.
  12. This works for Leadpages, WordPress Clickfunnels, whatever platform you’re using.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3 : Pixel Helper Extension

Now you’re ready to collect visitor data! You don’t need to do anything. Facebook will do it all for you.

When you’re ready to run ads on facebook, you can choose a custom audience and re-market to previous visitors. Remember your ads must form part of your overall strategy to be successful.

Try not to shoot in the wind! by all means trial a few but the best results are from planned campaigns!

I hope this was useful. Please get in touch using the comments below, I’d love to connect with you!

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