So 2020 is here and as you know, a new year is often welcomed (or not!), with goals, resolutions and good intentions.  Whether you have a January detox plan or not, the chances are your audience will be creating lists of good intentions and that's something all businesses should pay attention to. 

Before I go onto to highlight this huge sales opportunity for you, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to set your goals for the year if not set already.

Make them achievable by breaking them into quarters or months AND actually writing them down.

It works. 

The Power Within

Something happens in our subconscious that moves you towards your written goal. I believe it's because, when we write them out, we become intentional about achieving them. This is extremely powerful.

It's as if you're saying to the universe "I want this" and by doing so you're setting the right frequency. Then again I'm a great believer in the Laws Of Attraction (my favourite reads - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis)

I know you will benefit greatly by writing out your goals, hence spending the last few days encouraging you all to do this.

Okay now that's out of the way, its time to consider those of your audience's!


Tap Into Your Audience's Goals Now

Whilst you're setting your goals for the year ahead, so are a proportion of your followers and readers.

Being aware of this can create huge sales opportunities for you. On the same token, if you're a business within a let's say perceived "less healthy" niche, you might be feeling concerned about an impending "Sales slump".

But it's not all bad news. In fact, if you look closely, quite often, there's a real sales or marketing opportunity. Let's review some of these right now.

Example 1 - Weight Loss Coach

If you're a weight loss coach, some of your audience will be planning to shed pounds gained over the last half of 2019 right? Consider how you can tap into their thoughts, feelings, hopes needs and desires. They need help losing weight or reaching their target weight. They might need a roadmap or a goal setting sheet. They might need motivating along the way.

This presents a great opportunity fo you to prove that you're listening and care. Instead of selling a weight loss program, consider creating free content to help them along the way. This could be a free January weight loss guide or a January lifestyle Reset Manual. Once they receive your free content, and experienced the work you offer, its then a great time to invite them onto your programme that supports them on their journey. 

Watch the video for more inspiration..

Similarly, if you run a restaurant. What might be some of the resolutions your audience are planning right now? How can you turn them into a marketing opportunity? 

You might be thinking the January period is a sales slump for  your business, as clients embark on a January detox crusade. However, I encourage you to think outside of the box.

The other day, I heard someone say they are going to start a monthly "date night" with their husband because they don't spend enough quality time together. They have a goal or aspiration to keep the "spark" alive. What can you create within your marketing plan to people like this kick start their new regime?

Create A Challenge

Challenges work very well during this time of year. They tap into the emotional needs of your audience and offer value at the same time.

Could you develop a challenge? It could be a series of emails or a mini course that helps your audience achieve their goals. It could be as simple as a series of motivational and inspirational quotes, set up as challenges across social media.

This year, 2020, Goodreads have launched an email challenge tapping into their audience's goals and resolutions to read more. Check it out here. Can you install something similar on your website? This has a double bonus effect, because if they have their tracking pixel installed, they'll be able to re-market to me on Facebook or Instagram at a later date!

If you're on Instagram, run a challenge and ask your followers to comment and tag a friend....Use your imagination!

create a challenge

Focus On Other Occasions

If you produce sweet / sugary products, is there an opportunity to create healthy, sugar free / vegan options? Or, could you bail out of Jan health and focus your energies and ad spend on other events during January / Feb / March. I imagine there are many gifting (wedding / birthdays etc) events during these months.

So you see how the New Year can present great marketing and sales opportunities, even though your initial response might be, your business are positioned within the market to participate? Create your own destiny!

social media detox

The Social Media Detox

Have you heard about the Social Media Detox? It's being thrown about as it is every new year. I've heard  people who say they will reduce the time they spend on social media during January. Am I afraid? Not at all! And come on, just January?!

This might sound bold. I'm aware some people will remain steadfast to this intention. However, social media has become so engrained in our behaviour and society, that I don't believe many people will 100% detox. 

I understand that some people will stick to it. One of my friends has taken herself off Facebook. It's lasted for a year, however, she's now  suffering from "FOMO" (fear of  missing out). I doubt it will be long before she returns!


  1. Write down the goals and resolutions your audience and clients maybe setting.
  2. Don't panic!
  3. Develop ways of mitigating the negative ones and capitalising on the sales and marketing opportunities each presents. If it's too late to incorporate these into plans for this year, consider them for next year.

Good luck!