February 4, 2020

The Truth About Instagram’s Algorithms 2020

2020 Instagram Algorithms

Word up! Instagram has recently advised HOW THE INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM WORKS IN 2020 kicking any rumours into touch. So if you really want to know the latest and best way to grow your fan base and get great engagement, read this short summary - it's everything you need to know to grow on Instagram in 2020.

There are 3 key factors that influence your posts in the Newsfeed


 πŸ™ƒ We know IG loves 😍 content with great engagement. ​

The algorithms will always prioritise displaying content your audience normally responds to and stuff they love. Have you noticed that you always seem to see the content you engage with? The simple fact is, you need to figure out what this is. Figure out what content to create & publish, that your audience cares about.

This isn't new. Don't be fooled that your fans want to see product shots, or images of you all the time. Maybe yes when its on promo, or you are in some awesome location, but generally, no they don't. Do you?

Most people (including us) are looking for a hope, dream or desire to be fulfilled. That could be an idea, some inspiration, being entertained, or a quick answer to a question they have.

Consider switching into images that represent these solutions. People tend to respond when what you've posted, makes them respond emotionally - you've made them smile, feel better, feel inspired about something. 

Don't Forget Your CTA!

Alway remember to include a CTA (call to action). What do you want them to do next? If you want them to comment or like - ask them.

You could start the conversation by asking a question in relation to your image post e.g. do you love - yes / no?

You could say, show me a heart if this resonates.

β€‹πŸ† TOP TIP - Getting people to comment and like your content isn't enough - you also need to get people to SAVE your content! This will boost your engagement score.


#2. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ IG will share your posts to people that you're closer to.

Engage with fans as much as you can. Thank them for following you, comment on their photos & yes, DM them - HAVE THAT CONVO! 

πŸ† TOP TIP - Invite fans to follow you on your FB Biz Page! I don't know for sure but I guess FB (who own IG) will love and reward you for it by improving your engagement score! Plus you get another FB follower!


# 3. Mmm - I'm super guilty of this. It's because when I'm in the zone working I'm in the zone. Tea, chocolate and keyboard. There's no interruption. I sometimes forget to come up for air! 

Yes, I know that  I can preload my IG scheduler at the start of the week, but on IG, I prefer to be spontaneous. 

Showing up everyday works.​

I know because I've tried it myself. My clients do it and It makes the world of difference. 

It's especially important when you're growing your following.

It doesn't have to be a long caption. In fact, sometimes no caption works well - just a few hashtags can tell a great story, so mix it up.

Be Timely

Here's the other thing...posting when your followers are most likely to see the most recent posts will affect your score.

IG aim to display the latest content in the newsfeed. So check when your followers are active online by going to your insights (click on hamburger menu), then audience & scroll to bottom to find the bar chart. You will see the day and time of day when your fans are most active. That's your optimum posting time.

2020 Instagram Algorithms

What's #fakenews?

Every year there's a lot of #fakenews and rumours circulating about what the algorithm's like / don't like (as if they have a mind right!).

Let's kill those rumours right now. This has come directly from Instagram. Still with me? 

Fake News #1

There is no priority given to video over images on IG (different for FB).

Instagram actually show your followers content they engage with more, so if you believe your audience will love video more than images - maybe there's your answer! 🀭


Experiment with both video and images and see what happens to your engagement It's one sure way of finding out what fans love. Also check out competitors within your niche and see what posts drive great engagement for them. Remember - don't copy, just borrow an idea here and there.


​#fakefriends count - they don't. Basically just don't do it.

The algorithm knows if you have bots following you, or accounts with no profile etc. Yup, I've been there!


All comments count even if they are an emoji

Boy this was a myth bouncing around for years! Now you know the #instatruth. There is no preference given to how long the comment is that you recieve. It all counts as engagement.

πŸ† Top Tip - keep the convo going with your followers. The longer you can get people to stay on the platform, the better for IG. Not sure if this wins you engagement points, but it also helps you develop a friendship and build trust.



It's better to have a personal account than a business account.

Again this has been doing the rounds for a while. Not true. There are no special scores or benefits given to personal, business or creator accounts. 

Of course if you want to advertise on Instagram and get access to analytics then you will need to switch to a business account.


The first 30 minutes are better for engagement.

Another false idea that's been circulating. If you don't engagement within the first 30 minutes it won't count against you. However, it might mean that you're not posting at the optimum time, so, yes, go check your insights data to establish the optimum time.

Comment below with an emoji 😲 if any of this surprised you! #happyinstagramming πŸ’•