If you’re using Facebook to reach new and existing customers, it’s essential to check that your page is set up correctly.

When someone lands on your page, there are some essential elements to have in place in order to keep them there (time spent on the page is good for the algorithms), turn new visitors into followers and get them engaging with your business.

To practically demonstrate what these are, in this video are two real life Facebook Pages I’ve reviewed . The first is a Bed & Breakfast business. The second a celebration cake business.

Inside the video, you’ll hear:

  • how to set up your Page
  • how often to post
  • best content to post
  • practical tips to optimise your reach and engagement
How to set up your facebook page image


Use the checklist to review your Facebook page.

  • Profile Picture – If you’re a personal brand, use a professional head and shoulders image. If you’re a product based business, your logo is best.
  • Page Banner – This is prime media space.  Use it to promote your latest offer or insert a call to action – in other words, what you want your visitor to do next e.g. follow us to receive weekly news and updates. Whatever you choose, craft a message that’s meaningful to the visitor. Use Canva.com to create your banner. It’s free and easy. Avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read. Alternatively use the space to upload a short video (30 seconds) promoting your product or service benefits.
  • Branding Consistency – Check your branding is consistent across all digital channels. Check colours, fonts, logos and tone of voice. You’ll be surprised how often this is missed.
  • Buttons – Check you have the correct button (in line with your Facebook Objectives) underneath your Page Header.  Navigate to your page settings and look for templates and tabs to select the button of your choice. You can also set your left hand menu options here.
  • About Sections – Tell visitors what you do and how your company serves them. Include your back story and what inspired you to start the business. People do check this section!
  • Details Section – Add your business contact details. Ensure they are up to date. If you operate on a marketplace (Amazon / Etsy) then include links to your shop pages.
  • Welcome Post – Create a welcome post (video is best but an image will work) and pin it to the top of your newsfeed. A welcome post with a CTA e.g. “follow our page to receive the latest product”, is a great way to turn visitors into followers. Remember to include a “Call to action”. Use the post to grow your email list by adding a link to a subscriber form.
  • Content – Use the newsfeed to providing a mix of content? Using it to only promote your offers will turn people away. Here’s a quick breakdown of content splits:
  • 40% Brand Awareness – about you and your company
  • 40% General Conversation – make it about them – inspire / educate / entertain
  • 20% Sales & Promotion
how to optimise your facebook page
  • Frequency – Post consistently. For Facebook I recommend at least 3 times a week to begin with. This is extremely important. Not only will it help your page get found, but when it comes to advertising either on Facebook or Instagram, your account history will be taken into consideration in the auction. I worked with a client for 3 months on their newsfeed before running ads. We worked consistently to create posts that generated high levels of engagement. Consequently when we entered auctions, this counted in our favour despite starting with low bids.
  • Social Proof– asking your clients to leave a product or service review will help build trust with first time visitors. It costs nothing to ask and many will happily oblige. Add the request to each package you deliver.