September 1, 2020

How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

how to set up your FB business Page

Most business owners realise that Facebook offers a huge opportunity to reach new clients but is your page set up correctly?

When I work directly with clients, one of my first steps within the strategic audit, is to conduct a social media review. This is where I take a deep dive into their social media platforms and look for ways to optimise them. Quite often a few tweaks can make a real difference.

Within this post, I've added a short video, in which I walk you through a review of 2 real life Facebook Pages . The first is a Bed and Breakfast business. The second a celebration cake business.

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Inside the video, you'll hear:

  • how to set up your Business Page
  • how often you should be posting
  • what content you should be publishing
  • my practical tips to optimise your reach and engagement

My Checklist

Use my checklist below to review your own Facebook Business page. Let me know how it goes! Feel free to drop a link to it below in the comments and I'll go check it out once you've made your updates.

  • Profile Picture - do you have a smiling profile of you or your logo? I prefer to see a picture of the business owner. It helps build trust when a visitor lands on the business page and can see the face behind the brand. 
  • Page Header - this is prime advertising space.  Make your message meaningful to the visitor. Upload an image (use with or without text. Try to avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read. I like to see a small Call To Action (CTA) telling first time visitors what to do next. A lovely image representing your brand is great see too.  Alternatively use the space to upload a short video (30 seconds) about your business and welcoming visitors to your page.
  • Branding Consistency - here you are checking that your brand is consistent across all your digital channels. You don't want to confuse your audience. Check colours, fonts, logos and even tone of voice. You'll be surprised how often this is missed.
  • Buttons - Check you have the correct button (in line with your Facebook Objectives) underneath your Page Header.  Navigate to your page settings and look for templates and tabs to select the button of your choice. You can also set your left hand menu options here.
How to set up your facebook page image

Check you have the right button underneath your banner

  • Brand About Sections - have you told visitors what you do and how your company serves them? Use this space to include your story and what inspired you to start the business? You might be surprised how many people check this section out so its your opportunity to inspire visitors to follow you. Remember your CTA!
  • About Details Section - it's here you need to add your business contact details. Ensure they are all included and up to date. If you operate on a marketplace (Amazon / Etsy) then include links to your shop page. make it easy for visitors to find the information they're looking for.
  • Welcome Post - have you created a welcome post (video is best but an image will work) and pinned it to the top of your page? A welcome post with a CTA e.g. "follow our page to stay in touch and up to date", is a great way to warm up visitors and turn them into followers. Remember to consider what you want them to do once they've read your post. If you wish to collect email addresses, consider adding a link to a landing page on your website inviting them to either sign up for your newsletter or, even better, download some additional and valuable free content (lead magnet).
  • Content - are you providing a mix of content? The last thing people want to hear is "buy my product". First they want to know what you offer, how your product / service offers a solution to their needs, maybe what makes your business extra special and eventually where to order / purchase. If you can provide an engaging experience you'll keep visitors on your page for longer. Consider splitting your content into the following:
  • 40% Brand Awareness - about you and your company
  • 40% General Conversation - make it about them
  • 20% Sales & Promotion
how to optimise your facebook page
  • Frequency - are you posting consistently? If you are posting ad hoc with no clear strategy, then anyone who lands on the page, probably won't return (why come back if you're not updating information on a regular basis?). Ensure you are publishing content at least 3 times a week. Furthermore, the algorithms will love you for it. However - it must be quality content!
  • Customer Reviews - asking your clients and customers to leave a review will help establish you and your business as one that people can trust (providing the reviews are positive on the whole!). It costs nothing to ask and you'll be surprised how many clients oblige. After all if they've had a great experience with your brand, they'll want to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Did you watch the video? Did it help you? Let me know below, your no.1 insight / learning.

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