valentines day ideas

Whilst February is recognised as the month of love it’s also widely recognised as the “caring” or friendship month.

For those not in a relationship (that was me once!), its a good idea to remind your audience to look after themselves.

Self love is as important (especially during Pandemic times) as showing others you love them.

It’s a great time to share your own experiences of love and self love as well as use it as a brand awareness and promotional opportunity – the thing most businesses default to!

Sharing personal experiences is often the type of content that gets you noticed,  especially if your audience can resonate with those stories. 

After-all being on social media is all about sharing experiences and connecting with your followers.

Here are some ways you can capture the imagination of your audience during February.

Join The Self Love Community!

  • Share ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re single.
  • Share your top self-care tips for when you’re feeling down or stressed.
  • Post about how you show yourself love and ask your followers to do the same.
  • Share some of your biggest mental blocks and how you’re working on getting past them.
  • Share how you’ve developed a mindset for success, or how you’re working on your mindset to grow your business.
  • Share something you love about yourself/you’re proud of, and ask your followers to do the same.
  • Post about the best gift you’ve ever given yourself, or about a gift you’re planning on giving yourself and ask your follower to share theirs.


  • Use Valentines, self care, positivity etc hashtags to reach new audiences.
  • Share your stories and experiences in your newsletters.
  • Engage with other users content – it’s not just about you 😀 and it will shift the dial in follower growth and engagement.

Have Fun With Valentine’s Posts

  • Share your ideal Valentine’s Day date, and ask your followers to do the same.

  • Post about your Valentine’s Day products.

  • Post about your Valentine’s Day Sales or promos – make sure to post both on your feed and on all your social media platforms and Stories for more exposure!

  • Post about what you do for your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Share your favourite / least favourite Valentine’s Day treat and ask your followers to do the same.

  • Wish your followers a Happy Valentine’s Day with a GIF or InstaStories graphic – you can easily create them from your phone or – its free too!

  • Share a favourite valentine’s menu and ask your followers to do the same.
  • Run a sponsored ad campaign to reach new audiences on a larger scale – you will need to start this at the end of January to give the ad algorithms chance to bed in.
  • Run a special Valentine’s Giveaway – for the cost of a luxury hamper or a collaboration with a suitable brand you can grow your audience very quickly.
valentines ideas
key dates UK

Post on Key Dates

You have a great opportunity to publish content on key national dates throughout the calendar. Some will be popular than others and others will not be suitable for your audeince, so support the ones that fit your brand.

Here are the key dates for February 2021.

SImply add a hashtag to each one to reach new audiences and create chances to get discovered on that day.

Discover key dates for your industry or niche with Google. There are so many resources available. I like to use Project Britain for UK dates.

Post Motivational Or Inspirational Quotes

People love reading and sharing quotes. They’re quick to produce and highly effective if you need to kick start your engagement.

Choose quotes that will resonate with your audience and fit your brand’s personality.

There are so many apps from Canva to Wordswag that will help you quickly and easily create your quotes. I use Canva on both my phone and desktop, depending where I’m working from.

Search for inspiration by typing into Google or other search engines  – quotes about…….

It’s my “go to” tool and I love it.


So, over to you. What content will you create during February?

Ready to 10X your sales? Drop me a line here and we’ll fix  a time for a coffee and a chat.