Facebook Ads Sorted



Monthly Retainer Service


Many business owners get tempted into boosting ads with dire results. Poor ROI and little engagement. This is because running ads is a skill.

The Facebook Ads platform is an exceptional resource for business owners to scale, however, it’s also a technical minefield that requires knowledge and a strategic mindset in order to make it work successfully.

That’s where I come in. I add value because through my up-skilled knowledge and technical training,  I’m able to deliver outstanding results.

I have regular meetings with Facebook and stay up to date on latest developments, strategies and tactics.

If you need someone to manage your ads at a strategic level, who is committed to getting results, let’s chat.

You get my full attention unlike many ad agencies. I work solely for you and a few other accounts.


  1. We’ll begin by understanding your business and marketing objectives.
  2. I’ll dive under the bonnet of your social media to check performance.
  3. I will tailor an ad strategy to smash your objectives.
  4. I will work with your brand team to create attention grabbing assets.
  5. I have access to a skilled copywriter (ex London Agency) to create the best captions.
  6. I will review your ads daily / weekly and monthly
  7. We’ll meet bi-weekly to discuss progress v the plan.


  • The minimum contract length is 3 months.
  • Upon payment you will receive a meeting invite via Zoom to discuss your overall business strategy and marketing plan.
  • The second payment will be invoiced separately  and thereafter automatically.
  • Notice of termination: one month for both parties entering into the contract.