The Social Media Profit Funnel™



A comprehensive Social Media Training for SME’s teaching you the code to unlock follower growth and engagement and lead them to your offerings, for a consistent funnel of profitable sales.


My signature social media training.

This training helps all business owners create a social media profit funnel designed to bring a consistent stream of clients into their business.

During this training you will unlock the code you need to unlock follower growth and engagement.

Social Media in 2020 is different. It’s not about chasing vanity metrics but more about relationship marketing.

My 3 part system will teach you how  to attract high quality followers and lead them to your offerings, for a consistent funnel of profitable sales.

At the end of this training, you will no longer feel confused, concerned about follower growth or overwhelmed about what to post next.

Instead you will leave this training with a strategic plan and new found confidence about attracting new clients into your business.

During the course you will learn:-

  • the key principles of social media
  • the 10 biggest mistakes business owners make on social media
  • my 3 part Social Media Profit Funnel™ system
  • everything you need to know about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest
  • strategies for growing your tribe
  • strategies for increasing engagement
  • strategies for creating content
  • strategies & tools for managing content production

Additional Benefits:-

  • Need a system for growing your audience for free? – check ☑️
  • Need to understand why people don’t engage with your content? – check ☑️
  • Need a system for creating highly engaging content?  – check ☑️
  • Need a system for scheduling your social media content? – check ☑️
  • Want to really understand how to leverage either Facebook or Instagram? – check ☑️


Feedback From Previous Students

“ALREADY I’VE ATTRACTED OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS!  It was so easy! If you can’t handle your social media and you think you will always get stuck, this programme will help you. Step by step you will be learning what to do and how to manage your social media” – Eliza, Made by Jaga

“THIS PROGRAMME WILL OPEN YOUR EYES AND guide you step by step to understanding social media on a whole new level!” – Nicole, Dietician / Nutritionist

“SALLY-SOCIAL IS AN EXPERT IN HER FIELD! She clearly knows her stuff and you can learn so much from her. If you want to learn how to use social media platforms to your advantage, then Jay is the person for you.” – Urzsula, SpeakupLeadup

“YOU JUST MUST JOIN! Sally Social knows her stuff and teaches really clearly in a way that is very easy to understand. I went into the course feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking knowledge in the online marketing world and felt that it was all so competitive. How could I ever get anywhere? Now with what I’ve learnt I feel like I totally understand what I’m doing, probably even better than a lot of my competitors and I’m now confident to put myself out there fully which feels fantastic! A1!” – Mel, Medium