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Scale Your Way To Success!

Learn the Social Media & Facebook Secrets to take your sales to the Next Level!

OK Stop me if any Of this resonates..

  • You have a great business, but don't know where to start with social media marketing or Facebook ads
  • You've spent countless hours trying to figure it out but not seeing the engagement you want.
  • You're overwhelmed with the whole idea of getting on social and being seen.
  • You’ve no time for social media and you’re not enjoying the whole experience but think it's the answer.
  • You had some success, you've reached a plateau and need some help scaling to the next level.

If it does, then you already know what a money pit it can be trying to get quality advice & support


As a social media & digital marketing strategist for over 20 years, I became frustrated hearing stories about good people with a great idea, just like you, being left stuck and let down in their pursuit of sales success, thanks to:

  • People who promise the world but deliver very little once they have their hands on your cash..
  • Random tactics that aren't aligned with a tailor-made strategy.
  • Over-priced courses that make big claims about helping you be successful and that don't offer any hands-on coaching or support.

Thankfully all of that is behind you...

Introducing the

the social media circle

A Mastermind Community That Achieves Social Media ​​​​Success!

THE Social Media Circle

is a unique MASTERMIND community for ENTREPRENEURS looking for action-orientated & strategic social media marketing solutions & support.

Facebook ads or hashtags alone won't scale your business. That's the truth. However, a combined social & digital marketing strategy, that follows a proven formula will.

social media circle

Give us 90 days to help you implement SMC's proven marketing formula and start building your way to success!

Inside This Mastermind Community You Will Learn How To

Build a formidable brand & sales quickly

Attract a large engaged army of real fans

Beat the tech gremlins , learn short cuts & get stuff done quickly

Eliminate the guesswork with our roadmaps & achieve results fast

Tap into the collective knowledge of members for instant answers.

Save time & eliminate stress trying to figure it out yourself

what makes thE ​SMC different?

Hands on co​​​​aching

Expert social media advice whenever you need it so you can get results faster.


Feed off the  energy of other members to skyrocket your way success quickly


We share learnings from our case studies on past clients projects.


I'm not into overblown hype, marketing gimmicks or jumping on the latest shiny bandwagon. Just straight-talking, honest, proven and practical advice. No false scarcity, no tricks, no 'get rich quick's!


I eat, sleep and breathe social media. The Circle has my 100% focus and I love helping our members achieve success.

It's all I do, and I'm not going anywhere!


Groups of us meet online regularly to do strategic planning days where we work through the roadmap together. This is an optional benefit for members who are energised by working in groups.

Meet Sally Social!

Hi, my name's Sally Jay, aka Sally Social.

I worked for 20 years as a marketing strategist in the UK. Since leaving the corporate world in 2012, I embarked upon my entrepreneurial journey. Something I'd dreamed of for years whilst sat at my desk. Sound familiar?

My passion for marketing ran deep and boiled over into the world of social media. Before long I was a certified social media manager, writing strategic plans for small businesses. It wasn't long before I began coaching, & teaching them how to do it for themselves (helping them save cash along the way).

I  love the tech that's involved in doing business online. I'm sort of a nerd that way. My creative and logical side started building websites, sales funnels and creating video tutorials for business owners who weren't so tech-savvy. 

In 2016 I decided to take all of that knowledge and experience and use it to help entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you to achieve success with strategic social media campaigns, and so the Social Media Circle was created. This is now my full-time business and I seriously love spending my days creating content and supporting my members.

1. STRATEGIC Roadmaps

Know where to start

Step by step guidance. Progress is guaranteed.

My unique social media roadmap guides you through everything you need to do to grow your audience and win their hearts. Simply follow the steps and you’ll be attracting your army in no time!

social media circle

A content engine & roadmap

No more stress. Gold standard pipeline of content 

Struggling to figure out what to post or what to publish on your website or blog to attract customers and keep your audience engaged? My content engine & roadmap teaches you how to create a content plan that is not just full of tactics but strategically aligned to your goals and mission. 

social media circle


In-depth video courses covering essential social media marketing & content planning strategies

Prefer to learn on your own or need something a little more advanced? Our course library contains all the training you need on topics from Instagram to Twitter to FB to Youtube.

social media circle

To check out the courses available click below.

Click to view all courses

3. Inner Circle Coaching

Q&A / Coaching Sessions

Twice a month, I host a live coaching session called The Inner Circle. It brings together your questions, my insights, and case studies

q and a

4. LIVE Workshops

Collaborative Workshops

If you sometimes feel more motivated working in the company of others. (like me!), you'll love our live workshops.

These have been invaluable to members who tell me they couldn't have achieved their milestones without them.

5. EXPERT Masterclasses

Expert Masterclasses

Looking for in-depth insights on specific tactics and strategies? Our expert workshops have you covered!

We've assembled a cast of seasoned experts to teach you everything from building camera confidence to leveraging LinkedIn to build your network. And much much more


FACEBOOK ADS MASTERY - with Sally Social

Get ready for this ride of your life when I disclose the Facebook Ads Formula once and for all. This is stuff the social media agencies keep behind closed doors. As one client put it "wow - I've spent thousands with an agency and they NEVER explained any of this - it's amazing!".  You will scale, you will grow, you will save money! This Masterclass in itself is worth joining The SMC for!



LinkedIn Masterclass - with Karen Green, The Food Mentor

Karen Green aka The Food Mentor  shares how she's leveraged Linkedin to generate a constant stream of B2B clients. In this Masterclass you will be blown away by the value that Karen packs in including how to connect and the best strategies for getting the most from your connections.


Get Camera Ready Masterclass - Launching SPRING 2020

Recent trends are showing that well-crafted, engaging video content is among the most powerful online advertising tools. People remember videos for longer and share them more frequently than traditional media. As business owners you cannot ignore it as a channel to build awareness and engagement. Our camera confidence Masterclass will help you conquer any fears about producing video content or being in front of the camera.

From Our Members...

client image

Kimberly Yih

Kimberly's Cakes

I've learnt more in this programme than any other programme - SALLY SOCIAL knows her marketing I've due to her previous career in traditional marketing. I like that she is straight-forward, experienced, and can convey what she’s teaching effectively. Jay is knowledgable, approachable, and relatable." In addition, the course material is presented in a systematic manner with detail and explanation that teaches immediately useful tactics and strategies without overwhelming.

client image

Mel Sparkes

Psychic Medium

YOU JUST MUST JOIN! Sally Social knows her stuff and teaches really clearly in a way that is very easy to understand. I went into the course feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking knowledge in the online marketing world and felt that it was all so competitive. How could I ever get anywhere? Now with what I've learnt I feel like I totally understand what I'm doing, probably even better than a lot of my competitors and I'm now confident to put myself out there fully which feels fantastic! A1!

client image

Eliza Jaga

Made By Jaga

ALREADY I'VE ATTRACTED OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS!  It was so easy! If you can't handle your social media and you think you will always get stuck, this programme will help you. Step by step you will be learning what to do and how to manage your social media

coach image



Sally-SOCIAL is an expert in her field! She clearly knows her stuff and you can learn so much from her. If you want to learn how to use social media platforms to your advantage, then Jay is the person for you.

client image

Nicole Bathurst

Dietician / Nutritionist

This programme will open your eyes AND guide you step by step to understanding social media on a whole new level!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

When you join the Social Media Circle you are 100% protected with our guarantee. If you don't feel that you have received value and you want to cancel anytime within the next 30 days just let us know and we'll promptly refund you. No stress, no chasing, no headaches.

Instant access

So are you ready to learn, build and implement your social media strategy? Choose your payment option below

Please Note - prices shown in US dollars but you only pay the equivalent price in your currency.  No additional exchange rates or fees apply.

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  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime
  • Instant access
  • Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee




  • Auto billed - instant access
  • Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Best Value saving $59 

Not sure if the circle is right for you?

Social Media Circle is NOT for everyone, and truth be told we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase...

Who is the circle for?

  • Business owners ​ready to building a tribe using social media.
  • Business owners ready to stop wasting time and money and start building an engaged army of raving fans.
  • Existing business owners who want to improve customer engagement and take their social media activities to the next level
  • People who haven’t marketed a business before but who are looking to develop an accelerated growth social media strategy  - and are willing to put time and energy into making their dreams a reality.
  • Action takers who aren’t just going to watch some training videos and never implement. I provide the training and resources, but you still need to do the work!
  • Business owners ready to take sales to the next level.

Who isN'T IT for?

  • Get Rich Quick Hunters - if you believe you can run a few deals on Facebook & the cash will come rolling in, we’re not the right choice for you!
  • Vanity Metric Chasers - if you’re constantly chasing the big vanity metrics, this isn’t a fit for you. Building and implementing a social media & facebook ad strategy takes commitment and focus.
  • Someone who is looking for a done for you solution. I am a social media manager but whilst I offer advice on your strategy, I don't build it.
  • People expecting guaranteed results  - I know what I teach works (because its the formula I use with clients. I can’t guarantee specific results from following my advice. I hate to break it to you, but no one can make that promise!
  • Someone looking for instant success - it takes time to learn, plan and implement a solid plan!
  • People looking for a short cut to success. It rarely happens. Behind all success stories is hard work, determination and tenacity. This is a marathon  

4 steps to success


Pick the membership that works for you


Create an account + enter your payment info


Login whenever you want and watch the training videos


Invited on call with me to help you get started

Payment Plans

Please Note - prices shown in US dollars but you only pay the equivalent price in your currency. No additional exchange rates or fees apply.

pay Monthly



  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime
  • Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Instant access 




  • Auto billed - instant access
  • Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Best Value saving $59 

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