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how we build and scale e-commerce brands from zero to 6 figures in 6 months

Who Is Sally Social?

A creative storyteller, who gets her kicks helping e-commerce owners build a scaleable brand. With a rich pedigree in retail marketing at a senior level, a Facebook ads expert with a proven track record and someone who has transformed her own business from a struggling bricks and mortar shop into a thriving 6 figure e-commerce success in less than 18 months.

She now leads a small and mighty talented team of individuals spanning Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Advertising, Email Marketing & Pinterest Ads. This team of digital marketing experts are your creative digital wizards, whose sole purpose is to work their magic to triple your profits.

Sally aka Jay spends her time investing in founder-led e-commerce-based businesses to help them scale & multiply profits.

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To protect our client’s privacy we’ve removed their brand name from this case study, but everything else remains the same.

When we met the client in January 2020 they were venturing out into the world of e-commerce with their home-grown food brand.

They knew they had a product that stood on its own within their niche and wanted a solid strategy to share it with UK consumers.

With tons of ambition, a quality product and a clear brand proposition, they recognised the power of paid social to reach new customers. They contacted us and asked for our help to launch their new brand into the world.

Here’s their story…


Help the client launch an online product based offer and get it to £50k / month revenue in less than a year.

The Challenge: 

Sally Social was approached by the client to help them sell their home-grown brand into the e-commerce market. They needed a strategy and an experienced partner that understands e-commerce to do it quickly, successfully and on a limited budget.

The company were in its infancy with no digital marketing strategy or large budget. They started on just £300 / month ad spend which is extremely low in the ad world.

A bad experience the previous year left them worried about wasting thousands of pounds on ads that didn’t give them a positive return.

Even though the SSD team were primarily asked to create an Ad strategy for the client, they quickly recognised that the client’s sales funnel and social media accounts needed attention first. This reassured the client. We were able to provide added value from the start.

The team at Sally Social DIgital pride itself on sticking to its core values – never sending traffic to a site that’s not yet “fit for business”.

The Solution: 

The team at Sally Social started out by performing a full-scale Result Action Plan (R.A.P.) to audit all aspects of their marketing funnel.

This allowed the team to help the client fix the core elements of the funnel first. They then created and tested multiple audiences and creatives with various overlays, messages, and styles.

By combining the learnings from the R.A.P, audience and ad creative tests the team was able to build a sustainable and scalable customer acquisition structure.




  • Increased revenue from 3 figure months to 5 figure months in less than 10 months
  • ROAS  (Return On Ad Spend) in excess of 6X
  • CPM’s within the target (cost per thousand impressions)
  • 40% customer return rate
  • Engaged email list from 2000 to 30,000.

Today, the client’s business is going from strength to strength. They’ve partnered with global brands and in a short time established national recognition.

 Our Facebook, Instagram and Google brand building strategies combined with Email Marketing have enabled the client to quickly distribute their product to UK customers, build brand equity and gain national recognition whilst delivering an ROI of 6 times their ad investment.

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We have one mission: get you more sales

You have a high performing product. Let our high performing team strengthen and grow it.




Small Boutique Agency That Puts Your Business First

In our experience, the biggest marketing challenge facing hundreds of e-commerce brands is not finding buyers or delivering growth post IOS14, it’s finding a trusted marketing agency that understands your customers with the skills to build your brand.

In e-commerce: one-size-fits-all DOESN’T exist.

Your brand is unique. If your marketing machine isn’t well oiled across all platforms, it’s impossible to scale.

At Sally Social Digital, we are your dedicated, experienced marketing team. Through a combination of brand storytelling and technical know-how, we get clients’ results.

We immerse our team into your business to understand your customers emotional drivers, objections and fears. We then apply our processes and systems to transform your web platforms into super slick acquisition funnels that deliver long-term customer growth.

This allows you to focus on the good stuff like sourcing or developing new products, whilst rapidly scaling.


A Results-Driven Sales Funnel, Delivered By An A-Class Team

We take the guesswork out of delivering high performing sales campaigns with validated “done-for-you” strategic marketing solutions that grab attention and keep customers coming back.

  • Across our team, we have first-class skills that consistently deliver results across Facebook & Google Ads, Pinterest & Email Marketing.
  • Our integrated Sales Funnel System delivers growth time after time.
  • We continue to drive increased LTV for our clients with robust retention and value-add strategies.

Are you ready to partner with a hands-on boutique agency that’s truly invested in delivering your long term sustainable growth plan?