The Social Media Profit Funnel™

social media profit funnel

Taking Your VISIBILITY & PROFITS To New heights!

Social media is being used as the go to marketing channel for many businesses.

Supercharge and accelerate your learning by joining the social media course to learn the strategies and tactics that will grow your brand’s visibility and increase your revenue.

Course Enrolments close on SEPTEMBER 30th 2019

Finding customers and converting them into sales just got a whole lot easier

You’re just seconds away from the essential training, advice and support you need to make your social media marketing deliver the revenue growth your business needs

im lost

  • You know social media will help your business grow, but you’re not sure where to start
  • You’re struggling to get visibility on your brand
  • You struggle to create engaging content 
  • You’re not converting “likes” into sales
  • You lack confidence on social
  • You’ve tried ads but they don’t work
  • You feel like your competitors are two steps ahead and you’re worried you’ll be left behind

Introducing TheSocial MediaProfit Funnel™

A unique and interactive course teaching you what you need to do on social media to attract customers and increase revenue. 

Learn the what, the why, the where, the how and create a content plan to supercharge your organic growth.

You’ll need to commit between 3-5 hours a week to attend and participate in the course.


  • How to create a strategy that increases revenue
  • How to convert followers and likes into paying customers
  • How to increase your visibility and reach new customers
  • How to create great engaging content
  • How to use paid ads to boost organic growth 
  • How to optimise your social media marketing for searches

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A Social Media Success Story

Melanie decided to scale her accountancy services business by selling digital courses. She is the first to admit that her subject isn’t the most exciting but she has a passion for making numbers easy to understand, especially for business owners who don’t enjoy the commercial side of business.

In less than a month she built an audience of 1000 organically. How? She learnt about the different social media strategies and tactics available to her. Then focussed on delivering one strategy that worked for her. Each week she showed up in her group with content that her audience cared about.

She didn’t stop there. She gave value consistently. Today she has sold over $50k in digital courses and her business is thriving. Her audience just love her for the help, guidance and support she gives them. Without social media she wouldn’t have got to where she is today.

If you’re not turning away customers right now, you need this.You will see results if you commit to the learning process.This course is ideal for entrepreneurs and foodpreneurs who want to use social media to increase brand visibility, create a fast route to market and attract a constant stream of paying customers. This course is also ideal for anyone new to social media by providing you with a framework to follow as well as a starting point. ​This course runs from October 1st until October 29th (4 weeks) – please note the course content is dripped weekly to reduce overwhelm and give you the best opportunity of completing it.

And at the end of the 4 weeks?

You will have learned more than just which tools to use or which strategies yield the best results when building your online visibility

You will gain a new sense for what marketing messages work on social media and across online business – no matter the industry, the current economic climate, or the product at hand.


You will have gained complete clarity on your vision and be equipped with the confidence to execute on your vision.

You will walk a away with a “do-able” Social Media Content Plan designed to deliver against your commercial objectives.

JOIN NOW for October Intake (Oct 1st – 29th)

Your course has been incredible! It has put me in a position where I now totally understand how to get started and succeed in marketing on social media. I now feel organised and less scared and overwhelmed about using advertising and other tools too.

Mel Sparkes


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

To join this Autumn’s intake, please click the JOIN NOW buttons on this page.

Once you sign up, you will be added to our Private Mastermind Group for life which means ongoing social media support!

You need to be available on the following days plus circle 3-5 hours a week to watch lessons and complete your course work!

Live Training Dates

Please note, these sessions are recorded in case you’re unable to attend

Tues 1st October

17.00 – 18.00h CET

Tues 8 October

17.00 – 18.00h CET

Tues 15 October

17.00 – 18.00h CET

Tues 22nd October

17.00 – 18.00h CET

1000 Followers In 4 Weeks

By learning  and applying my SMPF™ system, you’ll quickly understand what content you need to be generating and posting to increase your brand’s awareness and 1000 quality followers in 4 weeks.

A Pipeline Of Engaging Content

You will walk away with a social media content plan that you can implement tomorrow. You’ll feel secure in the knowledge that what you’re posting will excite your followers & make them take notice.

A Do-able System

You’ll nail a scheduling system that puts a stop to procrastination and overwhelm. Whether you have 10 minutes a day or 2 hours per weekend, you will create a posting system that delivers for you week in and week out.

Feedback On Your Work

Not sure you’re completing your homework correctly or even if your plans are strong enough? Myself and our community give you that sense check. Our eyeballs will give you the sense check that you need to help you stay on track to creating a robust social media content plan.

sounds good?

If you struggle with your social media growth and content creation, this course is for you. You will learn how to plan , create and schedule content for each social media platform. You will get the basics of SEO , FB ads, boosted posts and how to use them. Creating hashtags will be very easy . You will learn a lot of interesting , valuable tips about Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. This course is the gold mine for the small business owner. Call Sally Social now and sign up for this course .

Leila Gibson

Relationship Expert

Sally-Jay really knows Social Media Marketing due to her previous career in traditional marketing. I like that she is straight-forward, experienced, and can convey what she’s teaching effectively. Jay is knowledgable, approachable, and relatable.” In addition, the course material is presented in a systematic manner with detail and explanation that teaches immediately useful tactics and strategies without overwhelming. 

Kimberly Yih


Cupcake Dreams

With several locations around Seattle, Washington, Cupcake Royale,not only uses cross-channel promotions to boost their followers on platforms like SnapChat (not to mention their over 50,000 Facebook fans and counting), they use social media to get their fans involved in the business.

When it’s time to change up the menu, especially for seasonal changes, Cupcake Royale enlists their audiences to provide suggestions for new flavours.

It takes no extra energy to ask, and it’s a great way to show your customers that you listen, care and are willing to provide them with something they want.

What’s in the course?

There are 4 Modules in total. Each Module comprises of a series of straight talking video lessons and action plans so you make progress each week. These are complimented with a weekly coaching call and a supportive and active Facebook community to check your learning and answer any questions that come up. 

We make sure our students don’t get left behind


Module 1: Laying Th​​​​e Foundation

The first module is all about the foundation for a successful social media strategy and understanding what’s required to get started. In this module I will cover:

  • What social media marketing is and how you can leverage it to grow your reach and hit your revenue and profit goals.
  • What you need to do to find your audience
  • How you can avoid the biggest mistakes business owner make – many we’ve covered here
  • How you get clarity on what you’re using social media for and being clear on your goals
  • How to complete a brand audit – I’ve worked with clients where they’re not ready for social because they’r not clear on what their business is and who they serve, so we help you work through that too.


Module 2: The Platforms

The second module is all about choosing the right platform or platforms based on a) your objectives and b) your niche.

We’ll take s deep dive into each of the major social media platforms and share the latest news and features and algorithm watch outs. Then we’ll show you how to grow your following on each one.


Module 3: The Social Media Profit Funnel™ Strategies

Module 3 is a comprehensive walk through of my Social Media Profit Profit Funnel™. This teaches you the process you must follow to be successful on Social.

You will understand each stage of the funnel in terms of what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

You will learn how to design a content strategy that aligns with your business and marketing goals and objectives. 

You will learn how to grow your followers depending on your budget and goals.

You will then learn about the different strategies and tactics needed to build interest and engagement in your brand. These include over the shoulder demos. We will focus on all the key tactics:

  • hashtags
  • stories
  • boosting posts
  • the follow strategy
  • paid ads
  • engagement tactics
  • converting likes into sales
  • how to create facebook campaign to grow your followers


Module 4: Making It Happen & Optimisation

Inside this module are 4 lessons teaching you how to create your content calendar.

You will also learn about the systems and tools needed to optimise your content and scheduling.

I will also cover how to set up your analytics and what to look for plus how to optimise your content so you are listed in social media and search engine results.

A new lesson on how to manage the planning cycles and  implementation of your social media which fits the needs of you and your business.

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During the course you will receive continuous support throughout your training and social media planning.

Anyone can launch a course but it’s how student’s are nurtured though the learning process that’s of value to the Sally Social learning ethics.

Bonus 1
Weekly Office Hours

Each week during the course we meet up for one hour to discuss your progress.

After the fourth week, our office hours meeting will be re-scheduled fortnightly to offer you continued support as you plan and test your social media strategies.

Bonus 2
Action-Orientated Community

My teaching style is action-orientated. The culture I have instilled within our student community is action-orientated.

If you struggle with self motivation, this gang will kick your “you know what” into action and you get stuff done.

Bonus 3
The Hot Seat

Once a month we schedule a hot seat call for one student who wants hands on feedback from a social media and digital marketing expert.

An extra pair of eyes across your website and social media platforms can make a genuine difference to your sales performance.

About The Course Teacher, Sally-Jay

Sally-Jay is a marketer of 25 years in the food and drink industry. After leaving her corporate career to pursue her own dreams of entrepreneurship, she developed her love for combined digital and social media marketing strategies.

Sally-Jay now works directly with entrepreneurs and food  / drink business owners, helping them to nail their social media strategies.

A committed, straight talking and results driven teacher with all her students, Sally-Jay will ensure you walk away from her courses, having made progress and feeling confident about the future of your business. Your success is her success!

build relationshipssally image

Here’s what people are saying about the course and the instructor

You just must do this course! Sally Jay knows her stuff and teaches really clearly in a way that is very easy to understand. I went into the course feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking knowledge in the online marketing world and felt that it was all so competitive. How could I ever get anywhere? Now with what I’ve learnt I feel like I totally understand what I’m doing, probably even better than a lot of my competitors and I’m now confident to put myself out there fully which feels fantastic! There is so much worthwhile information in this course not only about Facebook but also Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Linkedin and more. From how to get more followers and organic growth to target advertising, analytics, scheduling and so much more. I feel like I’ve got the inside info that professional marketers use and some of the apps and websites too! Totally recommend this course. A1!

Mel Sparkes  


 If you can’t handle your social media and you think you will always get stuck, this course will help you. Step by step you will be learning what to do and how to manage your social media.



Sally-Jay is an expert in her field! She clearly knows her stuff and you can learn so much from her. If you want to learn how to use social media platforms to your advantage, then Jay is the person for you.

Urzsula Wizniowska

Leadership Coach

This course will open your eyes AND guide you step by step to understanding social media on a whole new level!

Nicole Bathurst 

Dietitian  / Nutritionist

Had a wonderful coaching session with Sally-J. She helped me to see clearly how I needed to transform and complete my LinkedIn Profile. In one day I had 25 new contact requests . I highly recommend her. She is sharp minded, direct, efficient and knows her job..

Gudrun Mahlberg 

Personal Coach

Linkedin HelpI was blown away by Sally Social’s expertise in my 20-minute coaching session with her. My LinkedIn profile had felt like a minefield that would require hours to repair it, but Sally gave me some brilliant fast tweak ideas that were simple to implement and I’m loving being “LinkedIn pretty” now. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Sally Social for your social media needs.

Miamh Maria 

Mindset Coach

Mindset Coach

I just finished the module 1. I love the videos and homework! Thanks!

Leila George

Relationship Expert

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Can You Afford Not To Join This Course?

So what’s the alternative if you don’t join other students on this course?

Figure it out yourself? Watch more YouTube videos, read more blogs etc etc….OR


The problem with this learning strategy is that you often end up down rabbit holes, wasting valuable resources – time and money instead of making it.

Strategies and  tactics that have worked for someone else, will not work for you. Your business is unique, as are you. Your business is also at different growth stages with different client needs..

At Sally Social Marketing, we teach you how to create your bespoke social media profit funnel based on your situation and business objectives.

Hiring someone do your social media costs thousands – expect to pay $1000-$5000 per month. So what’s the option?

By joining this course you will be weeks away from gaining a new found confidence about social media and how to create a strategy that works for your business. And, if in the future, you have the resources to employ a  third party to manage your social media marketing, you’ll have acquired new knowledge to help you choose the right person for the job.

This Course Is Suitable For…

  • Anyone who needs to grow sales and profit fast
  • Anyone wants hands on support to leverage social media to grow their brand’s visibility and sales
  • Business owners not enjoying success on social 
  • Action-orientated business owners
  • Anyone needing help to create content for social 
  • Anyone in business!

This Course Not Suitable For…

  • Business owners who are successfully growing their audience and brand visibility online
  • Anyone who is not action-orientated
  • Anyone who doesn’t enjoy digital learning
  • Anyone who doesn’t like taking instructions
  • Anyone who cannot commit to 3-5 hours a week over the 4 week training period

Create Your Social Media Profit Funnel™ in 4 just weeks


  • Walk away from this course feeling confident about social media
  • Create a solid strategy to promote your products & services
  • Relax knowing what you need to, when to do it and how
  • Learn fresh ways to grow your audience and to boost sales
  • Smile at the great tips and advice you receive from other members
  • Relax in the knowledge that you will walk away feeling happy and excited about social media!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after 7 days from purchasing the course, you’re not happy, we will refund you in full no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend the course dates?

We would recommend you circle off your diary to attend the live coaching sessions. If you cannot make it for any reason, they will be recorded so you can catch up.

Where do I get support if I need it?

As soon as the course goes live, you will be granted access to our private Facebook Group where all your questions will be answered by our community members.

Do you offer a refund?

If you’re not happy with the course within 7 days of the first kick off live training, then email me and I will refund you in full. I hope that you stay the course however, because I know it will help you achieve the goals you’ve set.

Where will the course take place?

The course will take place online. You will be granted access to each module – (one per week) to complete in your own time. This will be supplemented by a live office hours training each week, that we recommend you attend to receive the full benefit.

see you in class

On a personal note

If you are feeling frustrated about social media and you’re ready to nail it once and for all, I warmly encourage to join this course. I’m extremely proud at finally being able to offer you a valuable learning experience that I know will help you move your business forward to the next level. 

I hope you’ll sign up so you overcome your business challenges and achieve amazing results!

Course Enrolments close on September 30th 2019

Sally Social