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helping foodpreneurs create Combined Social Media & Digital strategies To generate leads & Grow sales

Social media is steadily becoming the preferred strategy to generate leads and grow sales. Get expert help to create your plan today.

If you’ve landed on my site, firstly a big warm welcome! The chances are you are wanting to reach more customers and grow your sales right? You’ve seen social media, SEO or email marketing work for other businesses and you want success too? Great! You’ve come to the right place!

If you feel frustrated because you believe you’re lagging behind your competitors and digital marketing is sucking away valuable time and creating confusion, don’t worry, it’s normal for business owners to feel like this. Get expert social media & digital marketing support here at Sally Social.

Whether you’re starting your retail journey or your business needs a some strategic thinking and practical applications to get sales moving, you’re in the right place.

We’ll audit your current strategy and tailor a marketing solution to suit your needs, in line with our 3 step marketing system.

Hello, I’m Sally-Jay, your social media & digital marketing superhero! I’m here to do the heavy lifting and make you feel confident about the road ahead. How I can serve you:

  • review, design and test your social media strategy with a clear actionable plan
  • create one time advertising campaigns to address gaps in your marketing
  • set up and optimise your social media profiles to attract new audiences
  • create a social branding package for your business
  • create and set up social media contests to get your brand the exposure it deserves 
  • create a combined email or messenger bot campaign to build your customer list
  • design an email marketing campaign to grow your client list

It’s Time To Work together To Grow Your Brand Beyond Your Wildest Expectations!

I work in partnership with SME’s across the food and drink industry, to design combined social media and  digital plans to create leads and grow sales. 

In our first meeting we’ll scope your needs and brainstorm creative ways for your business to achieve quick and sustainable results..

How We Serve You

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My Successes

Back in my buying days, I was proud to hit my deliverables year after year, for the business, customer and supply chain. I love nothing more than working towards a common goal. My RAG system was revolutionary. Time and time again, it delivered results. The customer received outstanding quality, at great value and with 100% availability. My suppliers hit their volume and profit targets and my organisation delivered to its shareholders.

Marketing is in my DNA

What Client’s Say

     I could not have achieved the launch without Jay‘s help and support!     

“We designed and launched a freebie and 6 week programme that converted like a dream. 

We filled 11 out of the 12 places available. 

The aim was to sell my course but other benefits included enabling me to plan out the retro time plan and create milestones that ensured the course launched on time. 

Jay set up all the email campaigns  which ran like a dream.”

Karen Green, Food Mentor

kg imageTestimonial of my workTestimonial of my workTestimonial of my work

A Partnership To Grow Your Brand

I love finding solutions to problems. I love creating strategies that deliver. 

If you’re not sure which social media platform is right for your business, I’ll help you. 

If need help driving traffic to your store, I also create combined digital strategies to compliment your social media strategy. Very often, the first time your customer meets your business is on social. This is the top of your sales funnel and the start of the customer journey. The trick is, to make that journey as exciting and pain free for them, so they become your perfect client.

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If you need help getting your marketing off the ground, give us call to discuss  how we can help you grow your audience, client base and business profits.

About Me

Hello, I’m Sally-Jay a self professed digital geek and Social Media Strategist. I spent almost 30 years working in food retail as a senior buyer, strategic planner and marketing manager, before, deciding to step out for myself.

Being from the retail food industry gives me an advantage. I know what you need to do get noticed. I’ve supported new brands and I’ve worked with the big boys. I’ve seen brands succeed and other’s fail. I know what it takes for you to be a marketing success.

Get in touch here to arrange our first meeting.

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